Interior Doors

The Advantages of HANAK Interior Doors

HANAK interior doors match all our other bedroom and living room furniture, giving you the opportunity to create a harmonious interior in a consistent style and surface finish.

The rabbetless design up to 2,500 mm in height and with a special jamb and door wing structure is already the absolute top of the range of interior doors available today.

5-year Warranty

The high quality of the materials we use, together with modern automated production and first-class finishes allow us to provide a 5-year warranty on all interior doors and jambs as standard. the company’s trust in its own technology and own capabilities convince us to provide this extra warranty with no restrictions.
  • 5-year warranty
  • Unbelievable Durability
  • No regular maintenance needed
  • No buts

Unique Door Wing Structure

We have perfected the design of the door so that it is a pleasant experience every time you open it. the solid wooden frame made from Czech trees, the panels and the final casing of the door assures high rigidity and distortion resistance.
  • Rigidity
  • Resistance
  • Optional Dimensions
  • Atypical Production
  • Completely Enclosed Surface

Unique jamb Structure

We are not satisfied with mere innovation, our goal is to always bring revolutionary ideas to the market, designed to meet all functional and aesthetical requirements.

  • Rounded jamb
  • Both Matt and 100% Gloss surface finish
  • Architrave Connection at 45° and 90°
  • Durability
  • Optional Dimensions
  • Atypical Production

High Gloss Architrave Jamb

No more compromises. The design of the architrave jamb is always compatible with the door.

With all door designs in both matt and high gloss, we also produce architrave jambs in the identical surface finish. The advanced technologies of hanak surface finishes allow us, as the only firm on the market, to also finish jambs with a 100% gloss with no quality deviations.

Quality of Surface Finishes

Incomparable, unique, and inimitable, that is the Hanak Interiors UK surface finish.

Hanak UK interior doors are painted on modern inking lines on both sides, including all the edges. The perfect and subsequently hardest surface is achieved on the uv hardening line. The doors are then painted by a two-arm robot, which is the only one of its kind in the czech republic. do not be afraid to compare our surfaces with the competition.

  • Paint - 7 layers of paint including edges
  • Veneer - 3 layers of paint including edges
  • The highest quality surface finish
  • Matt or 100% gloss - Brillant shine
  • Compact enclosed surface
  • Absolutely water resistant
  • Hygienic non-porous surface
  • Resistant to high temperatures up to 500 °c
  • Colourfast
  • The widest range of colours

Workmanship Quality


The essence of our workmanship quality stems from the use of the latest processing technology and the high level of expertise of our staff, who always emphasise the highest quality of the final product during their work.

We subject doors to tests under extreme conditions and loads. based on this knowledge, we are constantly innovating our production processes and perfecting our products.

  • Quality
  • Perfection
  • Experience
  • Expertise

Humidity Resistance

Do not pay extra for increased humidity resistance. Hanak UK interior doors offer it as standard.

We do not use water-soluble paints, which do not contain the required water resistance, and we work only with high-end polyurethane-based paints.

  • Standard - No extra charges
  • Regular testing
  • Resistance

High Temperature Resistance

With the use or improper application of the wrong paints or with foil paper-based doors, the temperature shock occurring for example between two differently heated rooms may cause doors to distort.

Hanak UK Interior doors, however, are resistant to temperatures of up to 500 °c thanks to the structure and paint surface finish we use.

  • Standard - No extra charges
  • Resistant up to 500 °c

Hidden Door Hinges

Tectus – “hidden” in latin. As standard, we use completely hidden hinges in a combination with a rabbetless design. these hinges allow for the door to be adjusted in three axes. This means that the door will fit in the jamb with absolute precision, assuring that the overall impression from hanak interior doors cannot be beaten.

  • Opening angle 180°
  • Bearing capacity 60 kg per hinge
  • Adjustable in three axes
  • Maintenance-free bearings

Magnetic lock

+ Adjustable Counter-Sheet Metal

Do not let your door be spoilt with a unsightly mechanical lock with a counter-sheet metal, which you will receive as standard from other manufacturers.

The magnetic lock together with the adjustable counter-sheet metal in the jamb provide extra comfort when opening the door. the needle is in the lock face when the door is opened and it is ejected by a magnet only after the door has been closed. this mechanism is more comfortable and quieter to use.

  • Standard - No extra charges
  • Quiet lock
  • Guaranteed service life of 150,000 cycles
  • Strong lock return spring
  • Adjustable sliding counter-sheet metal

Reverse Opening

To make sure that all the doors in one room look the same, where standard rabbetless doors cannot be used as a door opens in a different direction, we present the reverse-opening door. This preserves the same appearance of rabbetless doors, and the doors can be opened in different directions.

  • Keeps the same look
  • Saves space

Consistent Appearance

...of Doors and Top Fittings

The handle design is just as important as the design of the door. the czech company m&t is one firm that sets the world standards in the area of handle design. Besides our wide range of handles in seven surface finishes, we also offer a handle with surface finish to match the door. This means you can easily match the appearance of the fittings with the door material, and possibly the entire interior.

  • Matches the look of the door
  • Invisible sprocket
  • Original

Unique “q-lon” Seal

One other component which assures the flawless operation of an interior door is undoubtedly the seal, which is inserted between the door leaf and the jamb. however, the silicon seal regularly used by the competition loses its colour and flexibility over time, bcoming no longer fit for purpose. only the “q-lon” seal we use with hanak doors can seal and also dampen. this is a high quality seal made from polyethylene foam, which stays flexible.

Integrated Door Threshold

Upon request, the interior door may be fitted with an integrated door threshold, which is inserted into the lower edge of the door. When the door is open, the threshold is inactive and does not affect the appearance and use of the door. when the door is closed, the threshold is mechanically activated and seals the space below the door.

  • Increased thermal insulation
  • Increased sound insulation
  • Precise additional sealing of the space below the door

Optional Dimensions and Colours

Give your ideas free reign. do not limit yourself to standard dimensions or colours and let your interior door stand out. thanks to our production capabilities, we offer doors in heights from 1,970 mm up to 2,500 mm as standard. even bevelled doors in lofts or any atypical designs are no problem for us.

  • No restrictions
  • Optional dimensions
  • Standard delivery deadlines
  • Atypical dimensions