Design & Quality for Generations

Hanak aim for no less than perfection. We continually develop our possibilities to offer new, better and exciting products. Since the 1930's, where our ancestors laid the foundations of the family business, our emphasis has always been on the precision of craftsmanship. From these solid foundations, over the past twenty years we have succeeded in turning the company into a symbol of prestige and quality without compromise and today have an irreplaceable position in Czech, European and worldwide markets.

We are proud to belong to the group of manufacturers who are fully independent. We embarked on a way of full self-sufficiency – the main feature of the company is full cooperation. Step-by-step we invest large amounts into machinery, implementation of technologies and training of employees with a single target – the satisfaction of our customers.

The design and quality for generations – it is a slogan which we have respected many years. In spirit of our philosophy “one home, one trademark.”

Visit one of our studios and see with your own eyes what we can offer.

We know that the design is a basic condition for a long-term successfulness of any firm. We do not only wish to follow the trends in the field of furniture production but we make efforts to create our own style, to stay on the top and to determine the direction of development.

The Design Centre at Hanak – means people. Behind every new piece of furniture there is a team of top designers. They permanently develop new furniture, select the very best materials and provide a streamlined manufacturing process.